WP4: Teaching and dissemination

WP leaders: O. Benveniste; B. Bellier; G. Trugnan

UPMC is recognized internationally for its quality and expertise in teaching and research (2nd French institution in the Shanghai classification). UPMC offers high-level education in medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and information technology. It appears necessary to prepare science and medical students for new jobs and careers that will be created to meet the needs of translating systems biology to clinical practice. In parallel, in accordance with the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme, it is important to allow current professionals (physicians, scientists and research assistants) to be regularly cross-trained, notably in translational research. Also important is the dissemination and cross-talk between professionals and patients, via, for example, therapeutic education programs or patients groups.

At the core of i2B is the extensive multidisciplinary experience of scientists and clinicians with a wide variety of expertise, including several major fields of medicine, biology, genetics, immunology, biotherapy, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, and computer science. We believe this situation offers a unique opportunity to develop innovative educational programs based on this multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise.

Dissemination Activities

  • Annual scientific meeting : i2B organizes yearly seminars on particular themes with high profile speakers. Our next annual meeting will take place the 7th of July 2014.
  • I2B conference : we have introduced the monthly i2B clinical biology conference for juniors and senior scientists and clinicians. These conferences are designed to favor cross- fertilization within the consortium in order to support translational research.

Patient Groups

i2B collaborates closely with 14 patient groups:

Teaching activities

  • Doctoral training

    I2B is currently creating teaching modules on the regulatory, statistical, data analysis and bioethical aspects of translational research in the field of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. This will offer to PhD students a unique opportunity to complete their training.

  • Medical training

    I2B is establishing a university diploma called 'Inflammation, Immunopathology and Biotherapy'. This will cover the multidisciplinary expertise of the consortium.