Rheumatology Department (Pitié) (E²MOIS)

Clinical Epidemiology of Osteoarticular and Systemic Diseases



The team is invested in the clinical epidemiology of IJS diseases through two principal axes:


  •  The evaluation of the human and societal impact of these diseases: this axe was motivated by the observation that these diseases were rather poorly assessed in many countries, notably France, compared to neoplastic, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative or infectious diseases. This led us to participate or settle different projects to better characterize their impact from a global and societal point-of-view, including economic aspects, as well as from an individual perspective, for which patient involvement is absolutely crucial.
  • The optimization of therapeutic management strategies, since the number of efficient therapies substantially increased during the last decade. This motivated the development of several multicenter therapeutic strategy trials in order to define the optimal treatment sequences for several joint or systemic diseases.

As defined, our research activities are mainly applied research, aiming:

  • ​to increase the knowledge about IJS disorders, their consequences on both patients and Society,
  • ​to better define management strategies, which is dramatically needed due to the price of the most efficient therapies.

With regards to this, our research targets health decision makers as well as physicians who care such patients. 


Fields of interest

Human and societal impact of IJSDs, biodrug monitoring, economic evaluation, therapeutic strategy RCTs, pharmacoepidemiology of biodrugs, IJSD imaging, step-down strategies, patient-reported outcome


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