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​The renal division “Nephrology and Dialysis” is part of the Department of nephrology that was established more than 50 years ago by Prof. Gabriel Richet when he moved from Necker to Tenon hospital. It is part of a large international center of nephrology which associates a division of renal intensive care and transplantation (E. Rondeau), 2 divisions of urology (F.Haab, G. Amarenco), 2 laboratories of renal investigation (L. Baud) and pathology (I. Brocheriou), and a research unit affiliated to INSERM and University Paris-6 (Director Pierre Ronco, see accompanying form). All these structures, except for urology, are constitutive parts of the DHU.​Our division “Nephrology and Dialysis” benefits from a large recruitment of patients in all fields of clinical nephrology and dialysis, with a special expertise in glomerulonephritides (particularly membranous nephropathy and cryoglobulinemia), renal complications of auto-immune diseases, myeloma and related disorders, rare inherited diseases of the kidney, HIV- and sarcoidosis-related nephropathies and vascular kidney disorders. We have established a “transition consultation” for teen-agers and young adult patients from the pediatric nephrology departments at Armand-Trousseau and Robert Debré hospitals. Most of these topics are among the main themes developed in our research unit (UMR_S 1155). Thanks to the cross-fertilization of INSERM researchers, Faculties and MDs from the renal divisions, translational research is successfully conducted from the bench to the bedside. Conversely, deep phenotyping of patients, careful observation of rare cases and close collaboration with paediatricians have led to the description of new disease entities such as maternal-fetal allo-immune membranous nephropathy and the HANAC syndrome (Heraditary Angiopathy with Nephropathy, Aneurysme and muscle Cramps), and to the identification of several antigens (neutral endopeptidase; bovine serum albumin) and predisposing genes (PLA2R, HLA-DQA1) in membranous nephropathy. In addition, 2 members of our renal division are principal investigators of national clinical trials on membranous nephropathy (GEMRITUX) and sarcoidosis-related nephropathy (Corticoidose). The chief of the division is a member of the national Academy of Medicine.​

Fields of interest

Translational medicine HIV-related renal disease, anti-B Cell therapy, Genetic diseases of the kidney, Glomerulonephritis, Randomized clinical trials, Vasculitis, Inflammatory diseases of the kidney, Amyloidosis and related disorders, Lupus, Myeloma and related hematologic disease, Complications of immunosuppression, Membranous nephropathy, Immunotherapy

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Address: Service Néphrologie et Dialyses, Hôpital Tenon, 4 rue de la chine
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