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Service d’explorations fonctionnelles multidisciplinaires


Clinical evaluation and follow up of several cohorts, including chronic kidney disease (CKD), sickle  cell disease (SCD), and renal stone disease (RSD)  patients.

Previous contributions:

  • CKD patients: analysis of progression markers in CKD patients, using the NEPHROTEST cohort (more than 2,000 patients). First published results define more precisely the time course and pathophysiology of metabolic complications, such as vasculopathy, anemia, acidosis, hyperparathyroidism,…
  • SCD patients: ongoing study of the natural history and determinants of sickle cell-associated nephropathy (SCAN), using a cohort of more than 600 patients. First published results identify (1) prevalence of hyperfiltration and acidosis and its linkage to hemolysis, suggesting a possible heme-oxygenase involvement, (2) new hemolytic biomarkers, (3) nephroprotective treatments.
  • RSD patients: ongoing identification of risk factors for urolithiasis and comorbidities (genetic, environmental, and metabolic). First published results report the prevalence of osteopenia and its risk factors in male renal stone formers.

Expected contribution to the I2B DHU:

  • Identification of calpain gene expression in kidney biopsies and breakdown products of calpain substrates in urine as novel biomarkers of CKD progression.
  • Study of heme oxygenase pathway relevance in sickle cell-associated nephropathy and vascular nephropathy.
  • Study of inflammatory response during Randall plaque formation in the renal papilla.

Fields of interest

Physiology, Nephrology, Inflammation


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