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i3 general objectives are to (i) advance the frontiers of knowledge in Immunology and (ii) develop novel immunotherapies, with a dual reductionist and systems biology approach. Within this translational systems immunology project, our focus is on tolerance in health and diseases.
To meet these objectives requires the interaction between people with very different skills: medical practitioners, biologists, computer scientists, project-managers… among others. Most of the research unit personnel and their specific skills contribute to a majority of our specific projects.

i3 is organized in themes that we defined according to two different matrixes:
A matrix reflecting our global approaches covering
- health to disease
- mice to humans
- reductionism to systems biology
A matrix reflecting our global activities
- translational immunology
- immunotechnology
- systems biology

Based on these two matrixes, i3 is organized in three themes:
- Clinical immunology & Biotherapy (CiB)
- Experimental immunology & Biotherapy (EiB)
- Integrative immunology (i2)

Importantly, these three themes stay closely related to multi-partner projects & structures that are true components of our global organization.
- i2B hospital/university department
- Transimmunom laboratory of excellence (LabEx)
- CIC-BTi - clinical investigation center in biotherapy and immunology


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