Workshop announcement "Tumors and Immune Systems, From Theory to Therapy"

lundi, avril 15 - (09:00) ... vendredi, avr. 19 (20:00), 2019

We are happy to announce the workshop “Tumors and Immune Systems: From Theory to Therapy” we are organising in Cargese, Corsica (France), from April 15 to April 19, 2019.

Applications for this workshop are now open (link below).
We would be grateful if you could disseminate this announcement as widely as possible among your collaborators and colleagues.

In both the evolution of pathogens and tumors, physical interactions have great consequences for the course of the disease and the success of therapeutic interventions. In cancer, a better understanding of these interactions has contributed to enormous improvements in patient care, but there is still far to go.

This workshop will bring together physicists, evolutionary biologists, immunologists, oncologists and clinicians to discuss how to increase our understanding of tumor immune interactions. This workshop will cover both innate and adaptive immunity and draw from pathogen evolution for inspiration. Moreover, we will cover in depth the set of quantitative approaches needed for this emerging interdisciplinary topic.

The workshop will combine long overview talks with shorter topical talks on recent research developments. There will be a limited number of contributed talks selected among the abstracts provided with the application. In addition a poster session will be organized during the week so that each participant will be offered the possibility to present his/her work.

List of confirmed speakers:
Vinod Balachandran (MSKCC)
Andreas Beyer (Cologne University)
Reinhard Buettner (Cologne University)
Benny Chain (UCL)
Arup Chakraborty (MIT)
Dmitri Chudakov RAS (Moscow)
Simona Cocco (ENS)
Rob de Boer (University of Utrecht)
Daniel De Carvahlo (UHN)
Thomas Hofer (DKFZ)
Herbie Levine (Rice University)
Arnold Levine (IAS)
Marta Luksza (Mount Sinai)
Nicholas McGranahan (Crick Institute)
Leonid Mirny (MIT)
Andrea Pagnani (Politecnico di Torino)
Petr Sulc (Arizona State University)
Paul Thomas (St Jude)
Aleksandra Walczak (ENS)

To apply, please visit the link below and follow the registration link therein:


the organisers,
Benjamin Greenbaum, Michael Lassig, Remi Monasson, Thierry Mora