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​Treatment of the Bilateral Severe Uveitis by IVT of Regulator T-cells: Study of Tolerance of Dose​
Uveitis is a leading cause of blindness in the children and young adult's populations. One third of etiology are idiopathic. The ...


Dose-effect Relationship of Low-dose IL-2 in Type 1 Diabetes​ 
IL-2 is an inducer of regulatory T cells (Treg), a population of lymphocytes that fail to control the autoimmune destruction of beta-cells in patients with Type 1 D...


European phase-II clinical trial evaluating efficacy of low dose rhIL-2 in patients with recently-diagnosed type 1 diabetes
Clinical and preclinical studies, together with supportive mechanistic da...

Lancement de l'essai MS-IL2

​​​​​​​MS-IL2 vient d'obtenir l'autorisation de l'ANSM pour étudier le potentiel thérapeutique d'IL2 à faibles doses dans la sclérose en plaques.

TRANSREG has been launched.

​TRANSREG ​​is a multicenter, uncontrolled, open-label study, comparing biological and clinical responses to the administration of low dose IL2 across 11 selected autoimmune diseases (12 patients/disease) including heumatoid arthritis,...


Evaluate Rituximab Treatment for Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy
The Membranous Nephropathy is one of the most common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome of adults. In 2/3 of patients the cause of the disease is idiopathic. This can also b...

Impact Crohn

Impact of the Fecal Flora Transplantation on Crohn's DiseaseCrohn's disease is a chronic and relapsing inflammatory bowel disease. Many data show that the intestinal flora is involved in the disease and it has been show t...


Biological activity and safety of low dose IL2 in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis​
Interleukin‐2 (IL‐2) was initially discovered and used as a stimulator of effector T lymphocytes (Teffs), but is now viewed as a very promising...


​TRANSREG is a multicentric, uncontrolled, open-label study, comparing biological and clinical responses to the administration of low dose of IL-2 across 11 selected pathologies (12 patients/pathology): rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondyliti...