Effect of Spacing of Anti-TNF Drugs in Ankylosing Spondylitis With Low Disease Activity

Patients with spondyloarthritis, already treated by TNF blocker (adalimumab, etanercept or infliximab), and in stable low disease activity for at least 6 months, will be randomized into 2 groups: either keeping on their usual treatment with stable doses or progressive spacing of injections of their treatment. Follow-up will be done every 3 months during 12 months, with regular monitoring of disease activity and, in patients from the group "spacing", modification of the rhythm of injections according to health state and predefined protocol.
Primary Outcome Measures:
  • Proportion of patients remaining in low disease activity
Secondary Outcome Measures:
  • Medico-economic comparison of arms. The cost-efficacy ratio will be compared between the 2 arms (maintain and spacing). The objective is to see if the spacing of the treatments will allow a better tolerance and reduce the cost due to the treatments.To assess this cost-efficacy ratio, questionnaires will be used (quality of life SF36, medico-economic Euroqol).

Sponsor:  CHRU Montpellier​

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